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The Guardian

British man claims record for most Everest ascents by non-Nepali

A British man has claimed the record for the most ascents of Mount Everest by a foreigner after standing on the summit of the world’s tallest mountain for the 16th time.

The Times

Cool, 48, reached the summit of the 8,849-metre (29,032ft) peak overnight on Saturday with Rebecca Louise, a fitness entrepreneur who was completing the feat for the first time.

BBC News

Kenton describes his climb to the top of the world with a full moon lighting his way and the sun coming up just as he arrived at the summit.

ITV News

Kenton tells ITV News that standing on top of the world is ‘amazing’ and that Everest is ‘a very special mountain and a fun mountain to climb’.

Sky News

Kenton says that they had the ‘perfect’ day to summit. He describes the full moon, clear skies and stars all over the place. He adds that he’s got ‘more Everests left’ in him.

The Telegraph

A mountaineer once told he would never walk again unaided after shattering both his heels has scaled Mount Everest for a record-breaking 16th time, the highest number by a non-Sherpa.

The Guardian

Paul Oakenfold and Kenton will host the ‘highest party on Earth’ in April 2017 for charity and help fundraise for the people of Nepal

The Telegraph

Kenton discusses his early climbing career, from the lows (1996 injury) to the highs (climbing Everest with Sir Ranulph Fiennes)


Kenton talks about the views from the top of Everest and the people and cultures he has come to love in the Himalayas

Financial Times

Kenton’s most trusted piece of equipment…Stripey, his lucky toy mouse


Kenton climbing with his inspiration – ‘Sir Ran’ and climbing The Eiger

BBC News

Never settling with average, Kenton finds new opportunities for motivation


Kenton’s inspiring 3G tweet makes Twitter headlines

The Gentleman’s Journal

Kenton talks to journalist Patrick Tillard about his upcoming Everest expedition

BBC News

BBC break the news of Kenton’s 12th successful summit

Evening Standard

Kenton teams up with the inspiring charity – The Dispossessed Fund to raise awareness


CNN talk to Kenton about the recent tragedies on Everest

Escapism Magazine

Jounalist Patrick Tillard is taken on a unique adventure into Switzerland


Kenton talks with John Summerton about his love for Everest and what motivates him for the future

Country Life Magazine

Ideas to inspire you to get into adventure

Evening Standard

Kenton Cool takes three Hackney teenagers on an inspiring, motivational and life-changing experience in Snowdonia

Adventure Magazine

Kenton features on the front cover of Adventure Travel Magazine

Kenton talks about some of the greatest adventures he has had in the mountains