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Land Rover continues to build the world’s most capable all-purpose vehicles. A blend of refinement, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability make their vehicles so distinctive and unique. Kenton is one of just six global brand ambassadors for Land Rover and was proud to be part of the team that helped launch the 2019 Defender trailer.

Bremont is an award-winning British company producing beautifully engineered chronometers at their headquarters in Henley-on-Thames. 

All their watches are hand built with considerable care in the UK. They are immensely precise, reliable and durable, and only limited numbers are made.

Kenton is a Bremont Ambassador and has worn his Bremont watch to the top of Everest on numerous occasions!

More than ninety years have passed since the Delladio family’s Great-Grandfather Narciso founded La Sportiva, a company which today maintains its rightful place at the summit in the world of technical climbing and mountain footwear.

Kenton runs with his dog around Gloucestershire trails and always wears La Sportiva trail shoes and kit.

Lyon Equipment sells top quality equipment from 40 outdoor brands, allowing people to venture further. We have used them as a supplier for many years and they never let us down!

Lyon Equipment stocks brands such as La Sportiva, Petzl,  Hydrapak, Ortlieb Outdoor and more.

Petzl’s headtorches are fantastic and Kenton has used them on numerous summit pushes when he leaves camp before dawn and climbs the higher reaches of the mountain. 

Petzl are reliable and innovative and we love how they engage and collaborate with communities around the world.

Kenton loves coffee and he particularly loves Crude Coffee!

Everything they do is centred on bringing flavour to life, from sourcing sustainable coffee beans to their unrelenting attitude towards
roasting and brewing, flavour is King. For obvious reasons, Kenton is a big fan of the Everest blend!

Adidas Evil Eyewear provides exactly the protection that Kenton needs when climbing snow-covered mountains in the bright sunshine. Their sunglasses are bold, uncompromising and original. Choose your frame colour and your lens colour and customise your own pair!

ViDrate is an enhanced hydration powder with added vitamins & electrolytes made from all natural ingredients, containing zero sugar. ViDrate has been created to help people drink more water. If you struggle to drink enough daily fluid, ViDrate is just what you need!

A UK study of 30,0000 people found that less than 1% of the population drank the recommended eight glasses of water day and 60% only drink one glass of water per day (250ml), whilst 20% drink two glasses. ViDrate is designed to address the issue of daily dehydration.

iFit provides access to fitness activities anytime, anywhere. Running, cycling, rowing, hiking, weights, stretching and yoga – all of these activities are available through the iFit platform.

Kenton is delighted to partner with iFit as a trainer. He has recorded a trek to Everest Basecamp that can be enjoyed by all iFit users, immersing themselves in the incredible Nepalese landscapes, and more recently a trek through Bhutan that will be available in 2023.

Kenton is proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the UK’s learned society and professional body for geography. The RGS works very hard to reach millions of people every year through their work to advance geography and support geographers.

Kenton speaks at RGS events and helps support their aim to promote geography to the public by sharing insights, learnings and images from his expeditions with RGS audiences.

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ScallopX is a digital money system designed to securely manage Fiat and Crypto in a single place.  Built on strong foundations of deep liquidity, high security and minimal trading fees, Scallop Exchange customers can trade in spot, futures and margins. 

ScallopX has supported Kenton since meeting him in 2022, when he was preparing for his record-breaking 16th summit of Mount Everest. Kenton has carried the Scallop flag to a number of different summits around the world.